The 6 Best Hotels Near North Cascades National Park

You can’t get more north or west in the great Pacific Northwest than the North Cascades National Park. Half a million acres of the Cascades Mountain range and surrounding wilderness set aside to preserve the natural beauty of what has become known as “the American Alps”.

Located in upper Washington State, the mountain range continues into the Canadian province of British Columbia, this park was established in 1968 after decades of concern after the westward expansion and development of the west coast began to see larger and larger impacts from human intervention, particularly the addition of multiple dams to generate power and un-checked logging that locals feared could lead to deforestation and the devastation of the ecosystem.

Once it was established as protected lands, the North Cascades National Park began to see visiting guests attracted to the undeveloped land. Pristine beauty and clean mountain air drew in visitors to come to see one of the last wildlands in the United States.

The Best Hotels Near North Cascades National Park

The park is unusual that it charges no admittance fee and does not require parking passes. This cost elimination and its close proximity to a large cosmopolitan area like Seattle make this a popular destination for locals and travelers alike, and while the park itself is primitive, there is no shortage of warm welcoming hotels near North Cascades National Park, home of some of the best hikes in Washington.

Mt. Baker Hotel

A local favorite, the Mount Baker Hotel has been a focal spot in the small town of Concrete, Washington for decades. Originally a bunkhouse for the loggers and the Lower Baker Dam construction crews, the building has been renovated to fit the needs of the town, again and again, housing a storefront, office space, cafeteria, and even a barbershop over the years.

Once again restored to its celebrated glory as a rustic appearance hotel with modern amenities, the Mount Baker Hotel embraces its place as one of the best hotels near the North Cascades National Park and will charm you during your stay.

The main attraction to staying at the Mount Baker Hotel is the proximity to the North Cascades National park and all the adjoining wilderness activities in the surrounding area. Concrete, Washington is one of the last occupied towns before entering the primitive parklands so the hotel is like an outpost where you meet and gather your team before the excursion.

It is also a welcome retreat at the end of the day after exploring the park. The staff at the Mount Barker Hotel will fill you in on the local events and best places to hunt, fish, or relax out on the water with plenty of nearby activities.

However, don’t let the rural small-town appearance fool you. The lodgings at the Mount Baker Motel are quality rooms that will impress you with their cheery warmth and inviting decorations. Mixing a blend of clean and subtle hotel-style accommodations with a touch of personalization and comfort makes these rooms feel more like your small apartment away from home than a simple rented hotel room.

Single and double bedroom suites are available for larger parties that need some more room to spread out or act as a base of operations before heading out into the park again the following morning. This is one of the most enchanting hotels near North Cascades National Park.

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Glacier Peak Resort and Winery

You’ll want to stay longer than you planned once you check in to the Glacier Peak Resort and Winery, one of the swankiest hotels near North Cascades National Park. Situated just off the Skagit River in a stretch called Corkindale just south of Marblemount, this small piece of wilderness may be the last piece of “civilized” territory before you enter the forested park.

There are a handful of options in the area but the Glacier Peak Resort and Winery may be the most charming destination hotels near the North Cascades National Park. With the river on side and the park itself in the back yard, it is almost like staying inside the park itself.

The resort complex offers a large dining hall where you can enjoy a warm meal and mingle with the other guests for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Of course, with the name including the word “winery”, you know Glacier Peak Wines are available as well. Whether you are taking in a vineyard tour, enjoying a gathering at “The Lodge” or having a few drinks in “The Cellar”, Glacier Peak Wines offer reds, whites. rose, dessert wines such as blueberry, raspberry, and black currant.

The local favorite is the apple pie wine. Once you taste these bottles, you’ll want to know if they can ship a case home for you. (The answer is yes…)

Many come to the area in RVs or looking to “rough it” in tents. The Glacier Peak Resort and Winery includes camping spots to accommodate those looking for a more primitive lodging, but they also have fantastic cabins that will give you the camping experience without having to endure the wilderness or give up creature comforts. The Chalets have a fully equipped kitchenette.

The Theme Cabins also have a wood fireplace to give you the warm glow of comfort. And the Country Cabins are two-bedroom “suites” that can sleep up to four guests making this the perfect hotel near North Cascades National Park to enjoy a vacation with friends.

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Sun Mountain Lodge

On the east side of the mountain range you’ll find one of the best hotels near the North Cascades National Park when you travel to the Sun Mountain Lodge. Originally conceived and built in the mid 1960’s, the lodge has grown and renovated through its storied existence and has emerged as one of the nation’s best resort hotels.

What’s not to love about a mountain retreat where the driving directions include notifications on whether or not the mountain pass is open due to being snowed in. Set apart from the world’s fast pace, life at the Sun Mountain Lodge moves a little slower, and that’s why you’ll come back every year.

Slow pace and relaxed atmosphere doesn’t mean dull and boring, in fact, quite the opposite. You’ll find yourself with plenty to do when you stay at the Sun Mountain Lodge. They clear both Winter and Summer hiking trails. There are snowshoe adventures, skiing and skating in winter; horseback riding, mountain biking, boating and rafting in summer, and relaxing lodge life available year-round.

The picturesque scenery and well-manicured grounds are perfect for your gathering or special event and they offer wedding services as well. With all there is to do at the hotel, you may never venture into the actual nearby North Cascades National Park.

As large as the grounds are, it would be difficult to sum up the accommodations available without pages upon pages of details. The Main Lodge has rooms that look out over the North Cascade Mountains or down into the Methow Valley. The Gardner Mountain view suites step up the luxury and the Mt. Robinson Guest Rooms are beyond compare for the elegance and views.

You can rent out the Patterson Lake Cabins just down the valley on the hotel’s private lake. The Single Bedroom and Loft Suites are fabulous mountain log cabins that will take your breath away and the Grand Suite will make you think about abandoning the city life and moving to the mountains forever. This is one of the most impressive hotels near North Cascades National Park.

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Virginian Resort

Perhaps one of the greatest steals you’ll ever book, the Virginian Resort is an amazingly inexpensive hotel near the North Cascades National Park that offers a fantastic experience while refraining from breaking the budget. Named after the great American novel “The Virginian; A Horseman of the Plains” which is commonly considered the first fictional western in full novel form.

The author, Owen Wister, was inspired by his friend Guy Waring’s new homestead in the wild west when he visited the Methow Valley near the North Cascades National Park. That inspiration was distilled into that book and you will be inspired upon your views of the same rugged terrain.

You’ll enjoy taking a trip back through time and spending a little less time on your phone screens and taking in all the fun and excitement of the “old ways”. Spend some time in the picnic area, shoot some hoops at the basketball hoop, keep the volleyball in the air, or when is the last time you threw horseshoes?

These fun old-time activities enhance the charm of this hotel. Never fear, though beautifully isolated from the “new world”, wi-fi is available and there is a downtown shopping district just a half-mile down the road if you have any modern necessities.

Lodging rooms offer rustic appeal without foregoing modern conveniences. Single or double queen beds with a full bath, a workstation area, and a mountain sunset balcony that will provide views you just can’t buy. River View Rooms have the queen options or you can choose the king-size bed. These rooms all have microwaves and refrigerators.

The Cabins have the same with a kitchen sink also available. The “1969 Cabin” is adorned with decor from the year 1969 and also has a gas grill in addition to the rest of the kitchen utilities making this the perfect cabin to establish your base camp when looking for hotels near North Cascades National Park.

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Oxford Suites

Not everyone who comes to the great Pacific Northwest is looking for a rural campground to live among the trees for their vacation. Your search for hotels near North Cascade National Park may take you into the surrounding metropolitan areas and away from the rustic appearances of the quaint boutique hotels that appeal to the charm of staying the night in a quiet getaway.

Sometimes, even when you’re out to enjoy nature, you still want to lay your head down for the evening in a modern facility surrounded by a modern city. The Oxford Suites in Bellingham has you covered.

This hotel is a clean and bright modern building offering all the amenities you would expect from such a nice hotel. Lunch and dinner options are available in the on-property restaurant or in the Bistro lounge for lighter fare. Your breakfast is included in your stay so you can charge up your body before heading out into the North Cascades National Park.

Also on property are electric vehicle charging stations and a Tesla Supercharger, so you can charge up your ride as well. A well-stocked fitness center, steam room, and sauna will help you keep up with your health regimen, and the indoor pool and spa can treat you to some relaxation.

Guest rooms at the Oxford Suites are spacious and well equipped to make your stay in the area as comforting as possible. Queen and King suites are available as the standard rooms. Family Suites with two queen and one king beds mean everyone has enough room, or the Deluxe Family Suite has three queens and the all-important second bathroom for those early morning free-for-alls. This is one of the best options for families looking for hotels near North Cascades National Park.

The Northwest Suite has a living area for entertainment options and guests. And of you’re going to be staying in the are for a while, the Extended Stay Suites have full kitchenettes in them so you can use your hotel as a base when you’re out exploring near North Cascades National Park.

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Majestic Inn & Spa

You may be searching for a hotel near North Cascades National Park without wanting to compromise your desire to be pampered and taken care of while out of town. You want to be “near” North Cascades National Park without staying “in” the woods? Check in to the Majestic Inn and Spa where they understand that you can visit the beauty of nature all day long but want to retreat to refined accommodations in the evening so you can refresh and recharge for another day of exploring all sights the area has to offer.

Located on Fidalgo Island just outside Burlington, here you will be surrounded by the historic beauty of preserved buildings and modern luxury.

Built as a hardware store in 1890, the Majestic Inn and Spa is a historic building that has been through a severe makeover giving it the ultimate in modern operations while retaining the charm of antique construction. The entire downtown strip of Anacortes is filled with antique stores and art galleries where you can take a stroll through an age gone by.

If you’re driving into the area, the hotel offers guests four hours complimentary use of their Tesla charging stations. Relax in the boutique hotel’s famed “Apothecary Spa”, enjoy an evening meal and nightcap on the rooftop lounge while watching the sun sink into the bay.

The original historic building opened as a hotel in 1990 and there are six styles of rooms available. Studio Rooms, Imperial and Executive rooms with more space, Corner View rooms and the Majestic Suite are all fantastic options. The Majestic Inn even has a “Pure Room” for those with severe allergies or looking to cleanse at the spa.

As if this wasn’t enough, the Contemporary addition was completed in 2013 adding seven more styles of rooms, all suites, to the already diverse menu of accommodations. From the Traditional King Suite to the San Juan Deluxe Suite, you won’t find a more welcoming options for hotels near North Cascades National Park than at the Majestic Inn and Spa.

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