The 6 Best Hotels Near Mt Rainier National Park: Our Picks

The Pacific Northwest is full of vibrant life and majestic scenery that you won’t see elsewhere in the country. When you visit the area, an assured visit will be the Mount Rainier National Park. These 370 square miles are set aside as the nation’s fifth national park in 1899 and has attracted millions of visitors since.

Whether you are here to enjoy the scenery with a wildflower meadow picnic or if you’re attempting to stand atop the mountain’s snowy peak, this national park has a variety of seasonal activities for you to enjoy at every level your adventurous spirit can take you.

Hiking, climbing, and biking trails are clearly marked, the boating ramps and plentiful fishing provide relaxing water activities, and in the winter there are snowshoe trails, skiing, snowmobile and snowboarding trails and child-friendly sledding as well. Below are our six options for the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

Finding The Best Hotels Near Mt Rainier National Park

If you’ve come to this park, you know it will host all of your expectations and could take more than a few days to fully explore. Accommodations in the surrounding towns pride themselves on their hospitality and their proximity to the fabulous glacial volcano. Explore the park all day long and spend your evenings in one of these hotels near Mt. Rainier National Park.

Alta Crystal Resort

The Alta Crystal Resort may be one of the finest hotels near the Mt. Rainier National Park system. Located on the northeast slopes at the Sunrise location for park entry, Alta Crystal Resort brings you as close to the action as you can possibly get.

They are just a few miles from the ski slopes and will get you out of bed and onto the mountain faster than staying out in the tourist spots. Built within the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, the Alta Crystal Resort has the advantage location over any of the other hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

Imagine staying in your hotel just a matter of minutes from the majestic peaks of the volcano, with summer and winter views of the mountain that will remind you that you are experiencing one of nature’s finest observation points. The heated swimming pool gives you refreshment and fun all throughout the year and the hot tub is a great way to relax after a day of hiking the trails.

The hotel has a constant menu of activities and recreation plans to keep their guests entertained and happy. The nearby attractions such as the summer horseback riding and winter skiing will keep you out all day long but once you come back to your room you may never want to leave again.

Rooms at the Alta Crystal Resort are all dedicated to setting your trip to the Mount Rainier area as a rugged mountain getaway while retaining that bit of luxury that you want while staying at a top tier resort. Camping in available, but you have the cabins to sleep in.

The single room chalet cabin to the multi-family White river Bend with multiple multiple king and queen master suited and three double beds supporting large family gatherings for an entire vacation. The large six-person hot tub overlooking the river is a fantastic way to soothe those tired muscles after a long day exploring Mount Rainier.

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Suncadia Resort

Commonly called “Seattle’s Backyard”, the Suncadia Resort is one part of a large scale build that aims to make something special of the natural beauty and be something more than just a conglomeration of hotels neat Mount Rainier National Park.

Located to the north east and on a major Seattle bound interstate, the Suncadia Resort is still part of the natural surroundings being just south of the Teanaway Community Forrest and just a crossing of the Cougar Valley from the entrance to the Mount Rainier National Park system. This slight removal from the thick of the action keeps you close by but also insulated from the influx of tourists that aim to take part in the adventure without absorbing the beauty of the surroundings.

Hoping to entice you to slow down and take in the amazing backdrop nature has provided, the Suncadia Resort indulges the richness of the forest and mountainous terrain to provide you with the best possible time in the area. Lake excursions, ski trips, and so much more await you at the Suncadia Resort.

Miles upon miles of hiking trails, a double length gold course, plenty of sports amenities and 6400 acres of spectacular mountain views and rugged terrain that the resort home you appreciate and take in during your stay. Suncadia Resort is an impressive location to stay when visiting Mount Rainier.

Large open roof designs give you the impression of early pioneer halls while dining at world class table service in comfort and posh style. The surrounding area is built up with family dwellings to create a neighborhood feeling where one cares for the environment and your fellow neighbor so you will be constantly surrounded by guests and residents that genuinely have a stake in making you feel welcome.

The signature pools are there to allow you to soothe you long days with a relaxing evening poolside with a spa treatment or watching your kids in the pool, everything at Suncadia Resort is guided toward making you relax and enjoy your time at the Mount Rainier National Park. This is one of the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

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National Park Inn at Mount Rainier

Rainier Guest Services offer you two tantalizing hotels to choose from. The Paradise Inn and the National Park Inn. Both locations are surrounded by the lush natural surroundings of the national park’s rainforest and are in close proximity to the beauty of the park. If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful hotels near Mt Rainier National Park, look no further than the National Park Inn at Mount Rainier.

The National Park Inn is located at the Longmire entrance of the Mount Rainier park and offers a great base camp for all your adventuring and touring you will do during your stay. Situated to the south of the great mountain, you will have fantastic views when you are making your way deeper into the park.

Consisting of buildings dating back to the late 1800’s the National Park Inn was originally an extension of the main hotel until a fire claimed the main building and this annex became the principle building. Dating back to 1916, this fantastic piece of history offers that rustic look and feel because it is authentic and from the era.

Warm wood tones and stone fireplaces entice you to cast your mind back to the turn of the previous century as you dine in the great hall or sip afternoon tea in front of the roaring fireplace. Your stay at the National Park Inn is as close as you can get to living in the past.

The guest rooms are limited as visitors line up for this authentic experience. The 25 rooms are renovated with modern conveniences so your evening retreat upstairs to your bed won’t have to be limited by older technology. Full rooms with many bedding arrangements are available.

Be sure when booking to note the bathroom available in the accommodation you reserve. All guest rooms have private bathrooms, but some do not have shower facilities, only bathtubs. If you prefer showering as opposed to sitting in a bathtub, make sure you reserve the correct room when making your plans.

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Cowlitz River Lodge

Just a few miles south of the Mount Rainier National Park is the Packwood area, rife with opportunities and activities to round out your day’s events as you return to your hotel room. Driving out of the large park you will emerge from the forest and be greeted by civilization once again, restaurants, stores and one of the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park, the Cowlitz River Lodge.

Just a stone’s throw from where State Creek Road crosses the Cowlitz River and enters the Packwood State Park, this hotel can offer you a quiet evening’s rest while surrounded by a modern town.

The centerpiece to the Cowlitz River Lodge is their hospitality room known as “the great room”. The fireplace is always lit and providing warmth and ambiance, the mood is always comfortable and many guests congregate there to share itineraries and trade stories.

It is possible you may hear about a fabulous must-see spot from one of your fellow travelers during these chat sessions. The hotel offers a gathering of the nightcap for the evenings and in the morning, just off the great room is the kitchen where a fresh continental breakfast is served and included in your stay.

Any of the 31 guest rooms are sufficient for your night’s stay. They come fully furnished with all the modern amenities you’d expect so you will be able to recharge your spirit before charging back out into the Mount Rainier wilderness once again the following morning. The above makes it an easy selection for one of the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

Microwaves and refrigerators are in the rooms for those traveling and looking to prepare your own food, Keurig coffee makers are also in every room if you’re looking for coffee and need it fast! Some of the rooms are pet friendly, so make your reservation with this in mind if you are traveling with your pet companion. There are plenty of hotel options around the Washington area, but this is easily one of the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

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Gateway Inn & Cabins

If you are looking for the tourist cabin experience while you visit Mount Rainier, look no further than the Gateway Inn & Cabins. For some, the idea of staying in a small log cabin that can’t offer any more than a standard hotel experience may seem a little much for them, and if you agree, this is not the hotel for you. But if you embrace the idea of staying just a few feet from the National Park’s Nisqually Entrance in a small log cabin that feels like its right out of a movie set, then this is the place for you and your family.

When we say it’s right near the entrance, we mean it. This is the closest of all hotels near Mt Rainier National Park as the gravel parking lot spills out right onto the ranger station at the gate. The hotel has a convenient market for all those last minute shopping necessities, or for those late night cravings.

The gift shop is stocked full of memorabilia from the park including some wonderful pieces available from local artists and creators. As the Gateway Inn & Cabins also hosts some RV spots, these stores come in handy for those campfire smores or wine runs.

The main building has guest rooms available for those not looking to camp or stay in a cabin. These standard and suite rooms are freshly appointed and roomy enough to spread out and relax. The cabins are always being updated to make guests comfortable.

These old log rooms are limited by space and are showing their age, but that is part of the charm in staying in a log cabin mere feet from the dense forest foliage. The deluxe cottages are a step up from the standard, and the Premium cottage is a new build that can give you the log cabin experience without suffering from the age and space constraints of the older facilities. This is one of the best hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

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Whittaker’s Motel and Historic Bunkhouse

hotels near mt rainier national park

Up the road taking the southern route from Tacoma to the Mount Rainier National Park is the small town of Ashford in the Nisqually Valley. General stores, artisan restaurants and vacation rentals line the main thoroughfare on your way to the National Park as everything in this area caters to the traveler and tourist.

You won’t find a more hospital and generous small town anywhere, and this is where you’ll find the fantastic hidden gem of Whittaker’s Motel and Historic Bunkhouse, one of the finest experience hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

Just because it is a quaint small village, don’t count Ashford out as a roadside attraction. Ashford has been host to a growing film festival for over a decade and the art community is taking notice.

Whittaker’s cafe offers a hearty PNW breakfast all day long and their coffee and tea menu is actually longer than the breakfast fare so you can be sure that during your time spent venturing into the great big beautiful woodlands of the national park begins with your favorite “city” beverage in any form or flavor you desire.

And at the end of that long day, take a relaxing dip in the hot tub. Refreshing in summer and downright heavenly in winter, you can soothe your cares away in style.

Originally built as a bunkhouse for the booming logging industry in 1912, this array of charming buildings, cabins and bunkhouses will spin you back a hundred years with a simpler and more rustic decor than some fancy hotel chain. The Large and Small rooms all have private baths and are more suited toward modern hotel accommodations.

The Cottage is nestled into the woods and is a small home away from home with a full kitchen and living area. For those traveling on a budget or if you’re only in need of a place to rest your head, the hostel-like Bunkhouse is a six bunk sleeping area available during the summer months. This is one of the most enthralling hotels near Mt Rainier National Park.

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