Ultimate Guide To The Hoh Rainforest in Washington For 2022

hoh rainforest

If you are planning to go on a trip with your friends or family next year, the Hoh Rainforest is your best option. The Hoh Rain Forest is among the four tropical rainforests in the Olympic Peninsula and is the only site that has been given the recognition of being both a Global Tourist Site as well as a Wildlife Sanctuary by UNESCO. For centuries, its remarkable biodiversity has stayed steady and today, it’s the most highly protected nature reserve in the northern hemisphere.

You cannot ignore the feeling of enchantment at the Hoh Rainforest. The immense woods, the swirling grass, the wildlife, the Roosevelt elks, the Olympic Peaks emerging beyond, and the vast river valley stretching up and downwards, everything combines to create this trip that should be experienced once during life. The trail is simple, too, with limited elevation change, outstanding tread, as well as a clear forest floor.

To see a further breakdown of the Hoh Rainforest Trail , please visit the official page for the Washington Trails Association. Link to the relevant page on wta.org for the hike.

Hoh Rainforest History

hoh rainforest

Hoh Rainforest is situated within the Pacific Northwest, along the Olympic Peninsula. It is centered in the region of western Washington and is among the United States’ major tropical rainforests. This forest is secured from industrial activity inside the Olympic National Park. It entails a low elevation landscape of 394 to 2,493 feet alongside the Hoh Stream for 24 miles. The Ravine of the Hoh River was created centuries ago by icebergs.

The Hoh River begins from the Hoh Glacier near Mount Olympus, around 90 km lengthy, and moves west via the Olympic Peaks of the Olympic Nature Reserve, and across the highlands in a wide region and then finally, unloads at the Pacific Ocean. The ultimate section of the Hoh River’s path forms the line among the marine area of the Olympic National Park, the Hoh Indian Reservation, as well as the Olympic Nature Reserve.

The Hoh Rainforest and the River Trail is among the seven wonders of Washington. Most of the wonders are great to be visited on a sunny day but, The Hoh Rainforest should be visited on a rainy and chilly day because it is the time when it looks the most dreamy and breathtaking.

Getting to The Trail

hoh rainforest

The Hoh River Trail is situated close to Forks, Washington, and is a 52.8 kilometer out and back path that has a reservoir and is classified as mild. This trail is mostly considered for camping, hiking, adventure vacations, and traveling. Going to Hoh is indeed a long ride from anywhere you go! To reach there, you will require a vehicle. Situated on the west part of the Olympic Cape, it’s a pleasant four-hour journey from Seattle, five hours from Portland, while 3.5 hours from Tacoma. You can reach your destination on a quite long day journey from Seattle, Portland, or Tacoma if you are eager.

‘Forks’ is the nearest area to the Hoh Rainforest (since it is 10 miles to the north of the turnoff to Outermost Hoh Valley Route if you come from the south). You’ll move towards the east (towards the right when you’re traveling from the south) and the parking space, picnic area, tourist center as well as the trailhead is approximately 18 miles from Highway 101. The Hoh Lake trail divides the Hoh River path right beyond the visitor station and moves up among Hoh and Sol Duc Region to Bogachiel Top. There are numerous famous turn-around sites like the Mineral Creek Falls as well as the Cedar Grove, throughout the path for those who wish to explore this place more deeply.

Park Facilities and Regulations

hoh rainforest


The Hoh Rainforest and Trail offers many facilities which are loved by visitors. The best thing about this place is the staff there. The workers there will provide you recommendations for your trip and the demonstrations will help illustrate what keeps this region so unique. 

A Forest Visitor Center is also available that helps in providing specific information about the Hoh Rainforest trail. The visitor center is accessible each day in the summers, shut from January to mid-March, and usually opens from Friday till Sunday in the autumn and spring seasons. The hours can differ by season.

The Hoh Rainforest also offers different campgrounds to enjoy camping with your loved ones. The Hoh Campsite is $20 per night with plenty of offerings. There are numerous campgrounds with the Upper Hoh Valley road too though. Furthermore, a wildlife camping facility is available and is $5 each night for each person alongside the Hoh River Trail.

It also offers large parking lots for visitors to park their vehicles. The vehicles are safe in the parking lot so you don’t have to worry about your vehicles.

For picnics, many picnic tables are available for visitors to enjoy. The tables are surrounded by nature that helps visitors to explore the greenery.

There are almost 88 sites to explore with additional amenities like fire pits, clean drinking water, accessible toilets, animal-proof meal storage compartments, RV dumpsites, etc. All these facilities are available all year round.

Two quick forest trails are accessible which are The Hall of Mosses as well as the Spruce Trail. Both of these tracks are pretty plain and maybe merged for about a 2-mile hike. If you’d like to explore the Hoh Rainforest without much climbing or if you don’t have much time, it is a perfect place for exploring.

You’ll find giant moss-covered old trees and big slugs as well. You will also have the opportunity to see deer and other animals.


One strict rule is that pets are not permitted to go on the trails. They are only allowed in the parking lots. So, it is recommended not to bring any pets with you.

Campfires are not allowed as they can be dangerous for wildlife. Even if you do so, you should remove all the traces to protect the animals.

All the garbage must be thrown in dustbins to avoid pollution.

hoh rainforest

Let’s have a look at the following trailheads and paths to help navigate the Hoh River Trail:

Spruce Nature Trail and the Hall Of Moss

You will see two quick loop climbs at the Hoh Rain Forest Guest Center, which are famous because of their similar proximity, fairly small elevation rise, and plentiful landscape. A pleasant 1.2-mile path walk, the Spruce Nature Trail helps you to breathe in scenes of mature plants, the Hoh Stream, and even animals.

The Hall Of Moss hike is also beautiful, with massive ancient trees, conifers, and mosses. It would be a great choice to explore this region on a weekday or even around the early mornings because it is crowded on the weekends and afternoons. Although camping on this path is not permitted, a pleasant campsite at the trailhead is present.

Hoh River Trail

Although the overall length of this trail is around 33 miles, this is indeed a fantastic walk even if you’re in for some miles. There are many campgrounds alongside the journey, so it is easy to stay a night if you are willing to reach the finish. This hike is simply ideal if you are a starting tourist because there is minimal elevation rise. If you want to continue your journey to the top, the Blue Glacier sights will encourage you greatly.

Hoh Lake Trail

This path is a perfect substitute if you wouldn’t want to take the notorious Ladder of Doom. Basically, you follow the Hoh River Path from the tourist service trailhead 10 miles and reach the Hoh River, before you see the Hoh Lake Division. You’ll go upwards after this. Then, you’ll arrive in the Seven Lakes Region when you reach the shore, in which you’ll require early accommodation and a license to camp. The commitment is worth it because you’ll gain the opportunity to experience a stunning, scenic lake as well as the peaks around it.

South Fork Hoh River Trail

You will have to walk on a rough path to reach the trailhead, leaving the South Fork DNR campsite until you meet the hiking trail, right outside the Nature Reserve. In this region, you’ll need to use safety, as wolves are mostly spotted. This trail is not much famous but is worth the chance to explore nature.

Final Thoughts

The Hoh Rainforest is among the best places to explore nature and have a peaceful time in Washington. It is the best option for people who love hiking. It offers many exceptional facilities which are loved by tourists. Hoh Rainforest even acts as a host to a few of the finest hiking trails outdoors. So, you have many options to choose from when you reach the Hoh Rainforest. Some trails are extremely easy while others are pretty challenging. However, your efforts will bore fruit and you will see some of the best scenes when you reach your destination. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to the Hoh Rainforest to have the best time of your life now! 

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