Ultimate Guide To Rainbow Loop in Washington For 2022

Be warned before you take on this hike, the name can be a little misleading.  Rainbow Loop Trail is an in and out hike.  The trail’s length is four miles, but you do not end up back where you started so you end up making the same trek back over your own footsteps making the … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Desolation Peak Trail in Washington, 2022

We’re only talking about a short nine mile in and out hike, but the Desolation Peak Trail has a lot of history and baggage accompanied with it.  Part of the Ross Lake Recreation Area, this healthy hike could fall along the line of a strenuous hike from trail head to return, or you could opt … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Copper Ridge Loop Trail in Washington 2022

As we continue hiking all over the entire Pacific Northwest looking for the best trails and excursions, sometimes we’re looking for a short day trip, and sometimes we want a longer backpacker trail.  Copper Ridge Loop in the North Cascades gives you a great multiple leg hike with overnight stays and some strenuous trails to … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Third Beach to Strawberry Point Washington

Due west of Mount Olympus is the coastal community of Quillayute, Washington and just a bit further towards the shore is La Push.  Known best as being an outlying area of the only slightly more well-known Forks, Washington, La Push is where you will find a great spot for picking up many of the trailheads … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Quinault Loop Trail in Washington For 2022

Much of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is explored on the northern edge giving a spectacular view into Vancouver, and that is a great way to take in the magnificence of Washington’s natural beauty, but if you’re looking for a trail just a little less traveled, come a bit south into the Lake Quinault area and explore … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Cape Alava Loop Trail in Washington, 2022

Lots of people might go for a stroll on the beach, but you’re different and you know you want to “earn” that walk right?  Well the Cape Alava Loop Trail is the hike for you.  Not too difficult of an experience, but not a mild stroll along the coast, the Cape Alava Loop is located … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Humes Ranch Loop Trail Washington, 2022

The Humes Ranch Trail is a easy to moderate six mile hike that is part of the Elwha River and Geyser Valley trail system on the north side of the Olympic National park.  Just south of Port Angeles and within the scope of an easy day-hike, the Humes Ranch is a popular hike for those … Read more

dog mountain trail featured

Ultimate Guide To Dog Mountain Trail in Washington For 2022

The Dog Mountain Trail is located nearby Carson. The trail is approximately ten kilometers long loop with lots of traffic. The dog trail is famous for the spectacular view of lovely wildflowers. Due to this reason, every professional hiker recommends dog mountain trail hiking. The Dog Mountain Trail is an easy and small hike that … Read more

twin falls trail featured

Ultimate Guide To Twin Falls Trail in Washington For 2022

On the road towards Hana, the first stop is Twin Falls. It is an easily accessible trail. It has a string of pools and waterfalls. Hikers can find lots of yummy snack kiosks on their hiking journey. Twin Falls trail is undervalued and not explored by many hikers and guidebook writers but, it is a … Read more

rattlesnake ledge featured

Ultimate Guide To Rattlesnake Ledge in Washington For 2022

The recreation and hiking trail of the Rattlesnake Ledge is located outside the hydrologic ends of the Cedar River Municipal Watershed neighboring North Bend. The Rattlesnake ledge region is a pleasant hike on a well-kept, albeit busy trail by the forest. At the hiking path, visitors enjoy the beautiful sight of Mount Si, Cedar River … Read more