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Ultimate Guide To Mount Ellinor Trail in Washington For 2022

Mount Ellinor is a peak in the Olympic Mountains in Washington, USA. Its highest elevation is almost 6,000 feet. Located in Macon County, Mount Ellinor is in the Skokomish Wilderness region. The mountain is a popular day hike during the summer months of May till October.   The summit offers an expansive 360-degree view of all … Read more

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Ultimate Guide To Mount Storm King in Washington For 2022

Mount Storm King is located in the Olympic National Park about 20 miles from Port Angeles, Washington. The mountain is located at the southern end of Lake Crescent near Barnes Point. Mount Storm King has an elevation of 4,534 feet. The trail climbs 1780 feet in just 1.9 miles up the north slope of the … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Summerland Trail in Washington For 2022

Summerland Trail measures 8.6 miles and is considered strenuous on the Difficulty Scale. It takes 5-7 hours to complete the trail all around.  It is a well-maintained trail, surrounded by trees in the first 3 miles. Hikers get to hear the sound of rivers and waterfalls. The last 1.3 miles is an encounter with switchbacks … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Spray Park Trail in Washington For 2022

Spray Park Trail is in the Mount Rainier National Park. It is hiking of 6-8 miles with around 2000 feet of elevation gain. To get to the trailhead, one first drive on a long gravel road, which is also adventurous by itself. Spray Park Trail is one of the popular summer destinations in Washington. It … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Rampart Ridge Trail in Washington For 2022

Rampart Ridge Trail, also known as The Ramparts, is a busy 7.5 KM loop trail near Longmire in Washington. Hikers and snowshoeing fans troop to the trail mainly between June and October.  It is considered a moderate trail and features a river. Whatever difficulties one may experience while ascending this steep trail are generously compensated … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Mount Fremont Lookout in Washington, 2022

Mount Fremont Lookout can be snowy, cloudy, smoky, or foggy, so a hiker should plan with these in mind. This means that one may not be able to catch the full, close-up beauty of this mountain and other surrounding mountain ranges. But hikers who are lucky to get on the trail on a clear day … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Grove of the Patriarchs Loop 2022

A hike to and around the Grove of the Patriarchs Loop is enjoyable and easy, so kids and old adults can take the trip. It is a short trail, so no one would get too tired to continue hiking.  They will have fun crossing the suspension bridge to the Grove, which teems with large-trunked trees. … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Trail of the Cedars in Washington For 2022

You should not use COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for your inactivity. Yes, the pandemic has reduced most of your options. Nevertheless, you still have access to tons of activities worth embarking on to keep yourself fit, such as Trail of the Cedars.  In Washington, you have more options than you even care to imagine. … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Thornton Lake Trail in Washington For 2022

The Thornton Lake Trail is a real treat for many hiking enthusiasts. The thrill of the trail is never complete without a taste of Thornton Lake Trail and Trappers Peak. Reserved for hiking only, you will need to cover a total distance of 5.3 miles (8.4 km) of hiking to the peak and then to the lake. … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Sourdough Mountain Trail in Washington, 2022

Sourdough Mountain Trail is an exhilarating hike up Sourdough Mountain from the trail head at Diablo on the shore of Skagit River, all the way up past the Sourdough Mountain peak and part of the way toward Pierce Mountain peak to the old lookout hut that serves as the mountain’s icon.  It is rated a … Read more