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best hikes near seattle featured

The Best Hikes Near Seattle: 7 Great Options For 2022

Picture this: You are hiking through the desolate wilderness. There is no one else around for miles. All you can hear is the sound of your own steps as your boots shuffle through damp earth and pine needles. As you take in the evergreen forest filled with giant trees against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, … Read more

National Monuments in Washington State

The 3 Amazing National Monuments in Washington State

The state of Washington is well-known for its array of natural wonders, from state and national parks to wildlife refuges and waterways. However, the state also boasts a handful of hidden gems in the form of national monuments in Washington state that are well worth a visit for both out-of-state visitors and local residents. The … Read more

umatilla rock trail featured

About The Umatilla Rock Trail: A Beautiful Hike For 2022

Outdoor enthusiasts who find themselves in eastern Washington will want to plan a trek along the Umatilla Rock Trail, a short, relatively easy hike that rewards visitors with stunning scenery and unparalleled views of the arid, rocky desert that more closely resembles the Utah Canyonlands than the Evergreen State. Exploring the Area: Grand Coulee, Umatilla … Read more

wonderland trail featured

The Wonderland Trail: An Incredible 93-Mile Adventure

For hikers in the Pacific Northwest, the Wonderland Trail is a rite of passage: a challenging, stunningly beautiful 93-mile trek that circumnavigates Mount Rainier. Along the way, you’ll pass a dizzying array of landscapes: vast canyons, lush valleys, rushing waterfalls, creeping glaciers, meandering rivers and glassy lakes, with the imposing peak of Mount Rainier ever-present … Read more

best hikes in washington

Top 10 Best Hikes in Washington: Our Suggestions For 2022

It may be hyperbole to say that there are more hiking trails than there are paved roads in the state of Washington. It may be hyperbole, but if it is, just barely. Countless trails criss-cross the lush forests of this fantastical wonderland of natural beauty in the gem of the Pacific Northwest. Long known a … Read more