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best hotels near north cascades national park

The 6 Best Hotels Near North Cascades National Park

You can’t get more north or west in the great Pacific Northwest than the North Cascades National Park. Half a million acres of the Cascades Mountain range and surrounding wilderness set aside to preserve the natural beauty of what has become known as “the American Alps”. Located in upper Washington State, the mountain range continues … Read more

deception pass state park

A Comprehensive Guide To Deception Pass State Park For 2022

With its varied terrain, spectacular scenery and multitude of recreational opportunities, it’s no surprise that Deception Pass State Park is one of the most frequently-visited parks in Washington. Located among the islands that dot the coast near the U.S.-Canadian border, the park actually stretches across two islands—Whidbey and Fidalgo—with the halves connected by a bridge … Read more

mailbox peak trail featured

Ultimate Guide To Mailbox Peak Trail in Washington For 2022

Are you looking for a great trail in the North Bend area, Washington? There are dozens of great hiking trails, biking trails, running trails, and more. Perhaps the most famous is the Mailbox Peak trail. This popular hiking trail is located near North Bend town between South fork and Snoqualmie Middle-fork drainage systems off I-90. … Read more

hotels near olympic national park

The 8 Best Hotels Near Olympic National Park: Our Top Picks

When you think of Seattle Washington you may have some preconceived notions pop up in your mind. The coffee scene is notorious and the music speaks for itself, but just across Puget Sound between this thriving metropolis and the grand Pacific Ocean is the Olympic Peninsula named for Washington’s Mount Olympus and 922,000 acres of … Read more

skyline trail featured

Ultimate Guide To The Skyline Trail in Washington For 2022

As one of the most popular treks along Washington’s iconic Mount Rainier, the Skyline Trail takes advantage of the mountain’s southern exposure, allowing for comfortable hiking weather for an extended season. The trail is at its lushest and most colorful in July and August, when wildflowers like lupine, mountain heather, cascade aster and scarlet paintbrush … Read more

wallace falls trail featured

Ultimate Guide To The Wallace Falls Trail in Washington 2022

As one of northwest Washington’s most popular outdoor destinations, the Wallace Falls Trail—located within Wallace Falls State Park just outside the town of Gold Bar—offers hikers a challenging yet rewarding journey through some of the most stunning scenery in the region. Climbing roughly 1,300 feet over four miles of well-maintained pathways, the trail hugs the … Read more

mount si trail featured

Ultimate Guide To The Mount Si Trail in Washington For 2022

Drawing more than 100,000 visitors each year to its challenging ascents and pristine natural beauty, the Mount Si Trail near Seattle is an essential hiking destination in northwest Washington. Over roughly four miles, the 3,100-foot elevation gain is enough to test seasoned trekkers, yet accessible enough for novice hikers to conquer. In fact, it’s a … Read more

lake 22 trail featured

Ultimate Guide To The Lake 22 Trail in Washington For 2022

Looking for a new hiking spot? The Lake 22 Trail is an amazing hike just outside of Seattle Washington. This is a favorite hike for locals and it is easy to see why. The Lake 22 trail is a breathtaking hike to an alpine lake through an old-growth forest. The hike has stunning views of … Read more

climbing mt rainier

The Ultimate Guide to Climbing Mt Rainier in 2022 and Beyond

With more area dedicated to glaciers than any mountain in the lower 48 states, Washington’s Mount Rainier isn’t the sort of peak you can simply climb on a whim. A successful summit climbing Mt Rainier requires months of intensive training and preparation. Climbers face 9,000 feet of vertical elevation gain over more than eight miles, … Read more

tallest mountains in washington

Hiking The Tallest Mountains in Washington: Choices For 2022

Many hikers looking to test their skill hike the tallest mountains in Washington. Washington state has some challenging trails that offer beautiful vistas of the Cascade Mountains. Hikers walk through sub-alpine meadows, lush forests, and past glaciers until they arrive at the summit.  The hike is harsh. Hikers climb steep slopes, jagged peaks, and encounter … Read more